BIO SUD MEDICAL SYSTEMS s.r.l. is certified ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 by DNV GL, that guarantees a responsible management of products and services in the medical field. The adoption of the Quality Management Systems is to be considered as a strategical decision of the organization with the purpose to show the ability of company to provide, with regularity, efficient processes and cutting-edge products to their customers, metting the requirements of both the law and the customers.

BIO SUD MEDICAL SYSTEMS s.r.l. has the purpose to create a company extremely focused on the customer, increasing the effectiveness on the market and making the Customer Satisfaction its differentiating aspect in a highly competitive field.

The targets of the business’ Quality are pursued by Quality standards and Operative Procedures, defined by the Quality Manual e stictly applied in the company as regards both the commercialization and the production of the whole medical devices’ range under the BIOMED brand. Tha constant updating and formation of the entire personnel, the inspections on the products and the attentive post- sale surveillance service, are some of the actions applied by BIO SUD MEDICAL SYSTEMS s.r.l. to constantly ensure and improve qualitative standards.

Quality Certifications