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About Us

BIO SUD MEDICAL SYSTEMS s.r.l. is an Apulian company that deals with the production of medical devices and distributione of electro-medical and medical devices. The company was established in 1984 by the partners,who gained many years of experience in the biomedical field, working for multinational companies specialized in the production of hospital items.

At first, it was involved in the representation and re-sale of electromedical equipments for the Apulia region but, starting from 1998, with a new business and commercial organization, it expanded the number of represented companies, dealing with the re- sale of medical devices in all the public and private hospitals of the region.

Over the last ten years, the company has enriched the range of the commercialized products ( thanks to many contracts with a several number of europen and extra-european companies, some of which are exclusive all over the country) and has increased the sales on the entire national territory.

The constant evolution brought, in 2003, to the moving of the company’s headquarters in the new and modern location, placed in the “ Craft Area” in Modugno (Bari), with a surface of about 2750 squared meters, 500 of them reserved for offices, 250 reserved for a white room for production and about 2000 of them intended as storage.

Currently, BIO SUD MEDICAL SYSTEMS s.r.l. provides a wide range of medical devices and equipments which responds to the nedds of hospitals and private structures all over the country.

The commitment of a constant presence and professionality on the territory and the continous research for products with quality and reasonable prices, led the company to the important decision of involving itself in the production of some medical devices in the field of dressings, bandages and suture, registering the BIOMED brand.

The most important purpose of the company as distributor and manufacturer of medical devices is to ensure customers, doctors and sanitary operators’ satisfaction, through the interpretation and resolution of the problems related o their work and to garantee better cares to patients.

Technological innovation, products and services’ quality, competitive prices are some of the fundamental aspects, characteristic of the company.